I created the SAFE (Situational Awareness Focused Empowerment) video training programs because I wanted to  help organizations and people like yourself learn to be safer by simply showing you to not only be more aware of your surroundings but to also develop a more preventative mindset about your own personal safety.

The key focus behind the SAFE video training programs are to empower the individual or organization on how to utilize and harness the key principles of situational and observational awareness to prevent unnecessary victimization.

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Time Is Valuable

When your schedule is hectic from either going to school, work or taking the kids to their after school activities, do you really have the time to take self-defense lessons?

It's Expensive

Budgets can be very tight these days. Whether you are single or you have a family, finding the available money to take self-defense lessons can be difficult.

It's Up To You

Many of us simply do not have the patience or discipline needed to properly learn self-defense in the way it takes for it to work when you need it the most. Not to mention it can be confusing with all the choices out there and to find which option best fits your needs.

Take a look at the SAFE Now video training program. I guarantee that I can help you start being safer right away. This is not a gimmick and you don’t need any prior experience to learn. Your physical ability and your age is also not a factor. The best part is the time allotment you will need is just a few hours. 

Really all you need is an open mind and a desire to change your lifestyle.

That is it!!




Situational awareness and observation skills are keys to surviving an active shooter or mass-shooting event. Most killers just don’t wake up one morning and decide to go into a school, restaurant, mall or movie theater and kill a bunch of people. Historically most mass shooters have given some type of indication of what they are thinking of committing or show signs of escalating violence before they carried out their plan. In some cases of school or workplace shootings the parents, classmates, teachers, or co-workers may have seen signs of the intention of the shooter or heard threats of a planned attack by the shooter prior to the shooting. Being observant and watching the people around you can give you early warning of an attack so you may have time to react. For instances where these shootings occur in a public place like a mall or movie theater and were committed by an individual with no ties to that particular location how can the bystander stop or react to the shooter in a manner that can help them or others escape harm? Here are some points to consider. What If It: Try to think of “What If” scenarios when you are walking around. It is a form of mental training that will help you react faster if a shooting occurs. Think of where to go or what to do IF something occurred. Be on the same page: If you are with family members or friends discuss what you will do if a shooting or other deadly incident occurs. Play the “What If” game with them so everyone knows what to do... read more


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Remember to click the button below to watch the 7 FREE videos from the SAFE Now Essentials Video Pack.

Don’t Wait, Start learning how you can be safer right NOW!


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Shawn Rafferty

Shawn Rafferty


I am just like you. I have been a student, served in the military, worked as a professional, been a stay at home parent, and also a parent of two young children. At times I know how difficult and time consuming life can be. These difficulties that many of us face daily motivated me to create The SAFE Video Training Programs. When you are unable to learn some type of physical self-defense system or possibly you just aren’t aware of what is going on around you like you should be, can lead you to be very vulnerable. That is why I want to help you to better protect yourself and your loved ones. With over 20 years of experience working  in the security sector, whether it  be serving in the military, working in local/federal law enforcement or working as a security contractor I know that I can help you to live safer just like I learned how to. The methods I learned and applied to keep myself, my team mates and those I was responsible for protecting safe is what I want to show you. It is much easier than you think. See below for a few photos of my work history. Having an effective and working personal safety strategy must start with using good situational and observational awareness. Without applying these two key foundational aspects of personal safety it can drastically cut your layers of protection and leave you extremely vulnerable to harm even if you know some form of self-defense or carry some type of personal safety tool like a handgun or pepper spray. Let me show you how to be safer.

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